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Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful and ethical ways for novice internet marketers to earn money online. An affiliate marketer chooses a product(s) to promote, drive targeted traffic to the product and earn commission on sales made. Many affiliates are earning money selling other people’s products very lucrative.

An advantage of Affiliate marketing for the novice marketer is he/she does not need to create or own a product.  On the other hand, a perceived disadvantage is waiting weeks or months to get paid. 

In 2007 Jonathan Leger released the $7 script and later Sid Hale introduced the Rapid Action Profits script (RAP or Rapbank) which closed its doors September 2015. Out of these two scripts, a new business payout model emerged within the affiliate marketing niche called instant commission $7 Scriptaffiliate program.

As the name implies, once a sale has been generated, the affiliate is paid instantly and directly to a chosen  payment processor account (Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Money Bookers (Skrill). Paypal being the most popular. With the introduction of these scripts, affiliates no longer have to wait for weeks or months to receive payments.

These programs and products are gaining popularity among vendors and affiliates alike. But wait it gets better, within the last few years another game changer has emerged from the instant commission payout model, it is the 100% Instant Commission Affiliate Program.

Instant Commission and 100% Instant Commission Affiliate Programs are similar in that payouts are deposited directly and instantly into the affiliate’s payment processor account. However, there is one difference worth noting. Many Instant Payment Programs pay a Earn 100% Instant Commissionsspecified percentage, e.g. 40%, 50%, 75%… of products sold.  For example, an affiliate sells a $10 product and earns 50% commission which will net the affiliate $5 from a sale. Not bad!

However, if an affiliate generated a sale for the same product at 100% instant commission, he/she would earn the full $10. Sounds much better!

These instant payouts can add up over a period of days, weeks and months giving affiliates the leverage of having extra money to invest in multiple income streams, advertising, reducing debt, fund a child’s college, save money for the future, etc.

One Important Thing Affiliates Need to understand about 100% Instant Commission Payouts

When selecting a product to promote, it is important for the affiliate to understand how commission payments are made. Are you paid 100% on every sale, 2nd, or  3rd sale, etc.? One program may pay for every sale made while another pays on every other sale, etc.

If you are paid 100% every other sale you make, the percentage paid is no longer 100% for every sale but 50% commission. (see Payspree Affiliate Commissions table).

Payspree Commissions

Why  Are Vendors Willing to Pay 100% Instant Commission?

Vendors need leads to help build their business and affiliates need extra income. 100% Instant commission programs create a win-win situation for both.

Vendors provide the product to sell, a  replicated website and sometimes other marketing resources. Having  resources such as prewritten ads and squeeze pages reduce some of the challenges that a novice internet marketer would otherwise face if they had to prepareInstant Commissions these things themselves. This frees the affiliate to promote the offer.

The vendor gets leads that they probably would have never reached without the affiliates. Moreover, they have access to those leads for a lifetime or until the lead decides to remove themselves from the vendor’s database.

Another reason many vendors may be willing to pay an affiliate 100%  is its cost effective for them to provide a product and pay the affiliate a set fee for the lead generated.  $5 or $10 per lead generated by the affiliate is a small price to pay for leads you can market to for years to come.

Affiliates drive targeted traffic to the vendor’s sales or squeeze page. Some of the visitors will purchase the product. The affiliate is paid for generating leads and the vendor has access to a potential customer or client for a lifetime.

This win-win relationship will benefit both the vendor and the affiliate as they help meet each other’s needs.

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